Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

First run in 1867, the Belmont Stakes is a Grade 1 stakes race for three-year-old thoroughbreds, run on a dirt track over a distance of 1.5 miles. It forms the last leg of the prestigious Triple Crown, after the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The 2013 Belmonts Stakes will be run in June.

Not to be outdone by the Kentucky Derby – which is nicknamed the “Run for the Roses” – the Belmont Stakes has an equally rich history and is known as the “Run for the Carnations” because the winners are traditionally draped with white carnations. Another title that the Belmont Stakes has earned is “Test of the Champion”, because few three-year-old thoroughbreds are used to running a full 1.5 miles at a top speed – a factor which should definitely be considered again for all 2013 Belmont Stakes betting.

Like the Kentucky Derby with its “My Old Kentucky Home” and the Preakness Stakes with ” Maryland , My Maryland”, the Belmont Stakes has a traditional song that spectators sing after the call to post. Up until 1996, this was “Sidewalks of New York” Since 1997 spectators have joined in singing the theme from ” New York, New York” instead.

The longer distance involved and the position of the Belmont Stakes as the last of the three Triple Crown races ensures that it is one of the most exciting and closely watched races of the season.

So far, a total of 11 horses have secured the Triple Crown. However, the last Triple Crown win was over 30 years ago, when Affirmed took all three of the races in 1978. Big Brown contended for the Triple Crown at the 2008 Belmont Stakes, but unfortunately came in last place.

Da’ Tara, trained by Nick Zito, was the winner of the 2008 Belmont Stakes, while Rags to Riches become the first filly to win the race since 1905, at the 2007 Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Stakes Preview

The Belmont Stakes is due to be run at Belmont Park in Belmont Park Racetrack, Elmont, New York on Saturday, 9 June. It will be televised by ESPN. Favourite runners include, Da’Tara, Rags to Riches, Big Brown and Curlin.

The total prize fund for the Belmont Stakes is US$1 million. An automatic bonus of US$5 million will be awarded to a Triple Crown winner.

Start considering who you think will come out tops at the Belmont Stakes, and check Belmont Stakes betting for betting tips and hints.